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Not ready for Prime Time at all

The last preview build, 10240 arrived on 15th/16th July and between then and the public release there was only two more weeks of 'Insider' testing.

'Insiders' were originally told they would be upgraded to the public release when it hit the streets. After a long wait and many people questioning the absence of a new build we were told that we already had it. ie Build 10240 plus a few updates prior to the 29th were identical to what was released to the public.

Oh dear. In other words they went with whatever they had come the promised released date.

It is hardly surprising that the poor unsuspecting public are having problems - the Insiders were still having problems on the 29th. And still having problems now.

It is a puzzle that many people are having odd problems. I have a strong suspicion, taking what I've observed over many months, that Windows Update itself has some inherent flaws that are randomly borking installations.

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