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Maybe you should research more about how black culture vilifies anyone who shows their intelligence?

How Sports is the only thing that most of them have been told is their way out of poverty? What's that perhaps 1-2% of total population and a 5-10 year lifespan max?

How the Media has glorified the "Thug Life" and presented that as the way out? Too many TV shows, Celebutards, and dealers pushing that mindset.

How ALL EDUCATORS have completely failed black and poor students by pushing them out of grade school when they can't read, write or do simple arithmetic? Hold them back until they learn the material, you'll be doing them a favor. They will be more employable and thus less poor.

How the Left has made continual excuses for these students blaming everyone but the students themselves for their poor grades? Stop the brainwashing! Don't let them drop out anymore.

How they've heard the same baloney for 40 years that young blacks believe they can't be better than they are? Change their mindsets by telling the truth and stop the apologists from lying.

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