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IWF shares 'hash list' with web giants to flush out child sex abuse images online

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"in an attempt to hasten the removal of such content across the globe."

Nope just stops it being indexed and forces it further underground.

Here comes controversy...

I myself do not understand how an adult can be sexually aroused at images of naked children, let alone images of children being abused. Unfortunately there are those that do get aroused at such images. Simple images of naked children are generally harmless to the child. Images of children being abused are something else entirely. Sexual abuse of a child causes long term psychological damage to the child's understanding of love and sexual relationships. And indeed serious problems with the formation of relationships which often last into late adulthood.

I do not have a problem with a paedophile masturbating to images of naked children, perhaps this release will stop some physical abuse, perhaps it will exacerbate the problem and cause those with such desires to go on to commit abuse of children. Although not everyone seeking a high goes on to the next level, else everyone that had a pint or a spliff would be an alcoholic or a heroin addict. I do have a very serious issue with an adult physically abusing a child for sexual gratification and believe they should be kept away from children.

The view of society is to vilify those that do get aroused by images naked children. It is certainly right to vilify those that get off on images of child abuse or perhaps even treat them, I see it as a total lack of empathy and a mental illness.

I thought long and hard before I posted this because I expect outrage at what some of what I have written. Before all the down votes flood in I wish to state that I speak from experience not as a paedophile but as a victim.

Cant find an icon suitable, beginning to get depressed now, I should fuck off shut up and think of something else.

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