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IWF shares 'hash list' with web giants to flush out child sex abuse images online

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I take your point in respect of 'bully boy' tactics but would hope that given the serious nature of what is been sought and discovered then the bar will be set higher and the follow up action be more robust.

Presumably the hashing is used to identify things like fluffycat10a.jpg as being possibly offending material without relying on the file name. I would again hope that it is first verified as being offending and then someone doing a bit of thinking and looking for fluffycat10b.jpg and similar others in the same location.

Perhaps El Reg can contact them for comment...

Journalists with any media enquiries please call +44 (0) 7929 553679.

"IWF chief Susie Hargreaves said that the hash list "could be a game-changer" in helping to hunt down child sex abuse image peddlers online."

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