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Working for one of the (lower tier) application vendors (hence AC) I can only upvote the comment about convenience for vendors. The desire of our product management to shovel 'Cloudy This' or 'Foggy That' out as fast as Gartner can eat the brochures is staggering.

A conversation with the implementation team some time back revolved around how fantastic the new cloud-based offering would be. The general tone of the discussions went downhill when they were forced to peel back the marketing veneer laid over existing products to explore the complete lack of security in a cloud context. Specifically, by compromising a single administrative account on the operations side, the entire hosted application infrastructure would have been totally and covertly vulnerable.

In general, the pure infrastructure offerings seem reasonably well defined but as soon as the application layer is placed on top of that and handed off to some other entity with a different commercial interest, the lack of transparency is alarming.

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