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Cloud computing’s refuseniks: How long can they hold out?


Even the most paranoid security officer must surely find it hard to complain about using an Internet-based system to control your internet browsing.

Wow. Just wow. So you're letting some remote git access to all your data (in order to control it you have to be able to -at some level- analyse it) and then control your internet access. I think you'll find that even the most blithe, happy-go-lucky trusting (if such there be) security officer will be able to identify some problems there.

"Security will have kept up with the hackers"

Have you ever read The Register?

Surely, though, the people who say they won't be using the cloud in the future are forgetting that what you can do with it is likely to change radically in the next 24 months.

Doesn't matter; the underlying principles are still going to be the same. Moving 1 app to the cloud turns your attack surface from one perimeter, to two perimeters (one managed by a remote team who will be largely unknown to you) and a pipe between them.

they're thinking: “Hell, I've got so much to do now, and so much on my roadmap for the next 24 months, that I can't even think about cloud as well”

...or they might equally be thinking "fuck the cloud and all it stands for"

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