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Adam R

You are asking the wrong people!

The problem most IT people have is that they can only see what they have today! For the most part that isn't really suited for being run in a cloud manner. I'm finding that the people that care (and more importantly have the money) are the developers and line of business folks, IT run the real risk of being made irrelevant by their own ignorance!

Cloud adoption is all about the application and being honest, its something that most IT people are bad at understanding. For example I have zero clue as to why most people are still running Exchange/"Email platform of choice" (or even thinking about building it out). Email is a generic service that is applicable to all companies, you cant run it "better" than anyone else. If you care about security then by all means get it run by a hoster with a "secure" data center rather than Office 365, but to not consider "cloud" because of FUD ................ idiotic.

For the security naysayers there are some serious arguments that most public cloud platforms are WAY more secure than most companies data centers (control does not always equal secure!).

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