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"Progress requires death to proceed."

Really? In this day and age of Health & Safety not to mention litigation?

50 or more years ago I would totally agree. My argument is that if we had the Health & Safety regimes that are in place today back in the day, America would never have been visited (I won't say discovered, as it was already occupied). Ditto for all the 'new' countries such as Oz, NZ, South Africa to name 3. Of course the Romans were there way before the Europeans, eh!!

By the time the planners had written out a 'risk assessment form" the potential crew of the ship (which undoubtedly was the cheapest they could find) would have been press-ganged into the navy or died of boredom.

The bottom line for all these regulations seems to be that 'no-one should die - ever!!" Strange that so many do in the course of living - and comparatively few of them on the roads as opposed to, oh, let me see, illness, old age, had enough of this over-regulated world of ours.


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