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A world of databases

Whats interesting is that some people are not bothered by Microsoft collecting their information, suggesting that Apple, Google, Facebook, and even Twitter has been doing it for years so why complain now that Microsoft is starting too?

The problem is that such power over data can be requested, or demanded by an EULA by any person or company despite them NOT being a government agency, or even a police office/organization.

What that means is, even someone such as myself, as complete nobody, can go online and purchase, for example, a facebook clone website (for maybe $800), which we'll call "Scrapbook", copy and paste some of Microsofts' EULA terms into my brand new "Scrapbook" site's EULA, and just like Microsoft, and the other companies mentioned, I now have the legal right to absolutely everyone's information too (if they are a member of my website).

All I need now is somewhere to store it all. Maybe i'll buy a server too. I think I can get a starter server for about $1500.

The point is, if this type of non-privacy politics is going to be the new-age norm, then its really anyone's guess who is really going to be creating databases of everyone's information (for company profit).

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