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Trevor, normally I agree with your comments; but your comments here are very naive and demonstrate the importance (in my view) of the need for people to move and spend several years in different countries and realize that the world is very diverse. Most N Americans never leave N America except on short vacations (Cuba/Mexico), and can get sucked into the view point that their world view is the only world view. In reflection this really is a first world issue and has as much impact on reality as a twitter campaign to free 300 odd captured school girls by a armed group.

Again in hindsight especially as Canada is a racist country and having experienced racial abuse in Canada (despite being white and male I was born in the wrong country apparently and had the wrong accent), I would recommend moving out of Canada for several years to a non N American country and experiencing that world view.

As for 'For now, sadly, it seems we simply have to accept that finding a way to tackle pervasive subconscious prejudice against women and visible minorities will have causalities.' would have resulted in no feminist movement etc as those groups would have just accepted the status quo and not prompted change.

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