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>unless Intel have a rep as horrific to work for

I was an accidental Intel employee for a couple of years (Intel purchased a small company and eventually shut it down). Your experience of working for Intel depends on whether you're a 'blue' or 'green' badged employee -- blue are proper employees, green subcontractors -- and what division you work for. My experience was positive, I would have probably remained there for years except that I didn't want to move and didn't need a job that badly. Their severance package is outstanding.

The big problem with a company like Intel is that it manages by remote control. The company that I worked for - Xircom - had products in two categories. One was wireless, that's what they were interested in. The other stuff was no interest so the dumped it / gave it away to competitors. The wireless work eventually got offshored, first to Russians (where it may have fallen foul of ITAR regulations) and then to some Poles. The main development work for the products we were working on (notebook chipset) was being done in Haifa, Israel. You were never quite sure how decisions were being taken or why -- but then it may be because we were used to a startup culture.

Intel is a global company so the notion of its workforce not being diverse is laughable.There may not be enough females working there in technical roles but that's probably due to a shortage of females in technical roles. We had a significant number -- hardware, firmware, management -- in our little backwater and they were just colleagues.

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