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I've listened to them, a lot, and I share Craigness's opinion. I am not even remotely conservative on these issues and I view the regressive approach with much disdain and I'm far happier with most MRAs than Good Men Project. I've seen conservatards here and there, like Janet Bloomfield, but I don't think that's an honest way to judge a movement nor is it a good reason to smear people. I've also seen the extent to which people, particularly journalists, will trip over themselves in a mad dash to smear them and will just make things up if they need to. God knows what you're even basing your opinion on.

"because they are using a position of power to keep people oppressed"

The idea that MRAs have a position of power is absolutely insane and you have to be insane to hold this position. You shouldn't be taken seriously on the topic.

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