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You must not ever get called upon to fix the relative's computers.

They usually have no Ad-blocking software, no cookie clearing, are using IE 7, have every swinging toolbar known to man installed. They also put their singular AOL email in everything that has ever asked for it.

I bet that's a lot of people. I'm betting that those users are like prize winning cattle to these marketer types. I also bet that they click on their milk-fed ads as often as they're shown to them.

Watch a mouth-breather use a computer for a bit and see what I mean. If you get bored, ask them to do a very specific search for something, like: "number of dollars spend on non-violent first-time offenders in prison". Now sit back as they click on the first search result Google gives them, then number two, then three, and so on.

The fact you know what an Ad-block program even is puts you in a different category, one that makes it hard for you to even imagine how they use a computer.

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