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@Timmy B. (wanting worst case results)

Ok, I bite.

Let's say I work at Microsoft and I'm a psycho and I want to date a specific girl I saw at the store. I can find all her interests, her likes, her movements.

Let's say some foreign government wants to compromise you because you work at a powerplant. We'll all they need to do is get a job with some company that has access to your data. Now they can find out through your online habits that you've been giving it to an office co-worker. They won't tell your wife if you just install this USB stick for them.

Or, I can review all your data, figure out that you have a gambling problem, then bombard you with temptations, then send you lots of "cash for cars", "pay-day loans" and whatever to drain you as far as I can.

I see you have bought an Epinephrine injector, I can send you send all kinds of "Worst bee problem in decades" articles and then my links to those pens. Basically ramping up your fears to sell you something.

I can raise your health care price because you like windsurfing sites.

I can see you looking up cancer and target you with homeopathic "cures".

It gives people power over you, period. If there is a way for it to be used against you, someone will figure it out and it will be. We will need to be re-trained to understand how our lack of privacy puts anyone with access to our information in a position to manipulate us in ways we can not even begin to think of.

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