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If you installed Windows 10 and like privacy, you checked the defaults, right? Oh dear

Matthew 17

All this spying for marketing and advertising....

is it really worth money?

All this social media and now operating systems that record and log everything we do is to sell data to advertisers who use it to create adverts we block or ignore. Does anyone every actually buy something, anything because of user data that was mined?

Was there ever a service or product created because of this information?

If MS want to be the next Google and give away its software for free in return for spying will ensure it never be regarded as an Enterprise OS, or is that the plan you have a free spyware OS or a paid for Enterprise version that doesn't?

Either way I'm convinced all this data is just a house of cards, when someone looks and sees that despite the petabytes of information collected no-one ever buys anything, the realisation that it's not worth anything and we have another dot com burst bubble.

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