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If you installed Windows 10 and like privacy, you checked the defaults, right? Oh dear

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on another note, how anonymous is this post really, you all love your privacy, but if a reg hack wanted to know who posted what ... well..... I'm sure it isn't hard for them to see

I assume you're referring to your own post and of course el Reg can link it to your real reg username. However, they can only link to the real you if you gave that info up when you registered.

They would have no hope of identifying the real me from the information they have. They'd have to break a few laws/do a few deals to get the info needed to identify me.

But that isn't the point is it? The fuss is about giving one corporation wide access to your info where you live, ie on the machine that you're posting from/working from/writing personal diaries on etc.

On the subject of Reg hacks - yes they can get to you via your e-mail address. Happened to me once.

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