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I understand the issues surrounding privacy and value mine - heck it's why I spend so much time away from any electronics living in the woods under piles of sticks (seriously I do). But I also understand that all the trappings of modern life are linked and information is a sought after currency in this brave new world. I happily give away a little of my privacy to use things online. I allow MS, Google, Amazon etc. access to a lot of my information. But personal things I cherish I don't freely share online - I don't need to and don't want to. In all this I have the control as I let lose what I allow online.

I give information away but what I do is with my consent - but then I'm not daft enough to just click [Next], [Next], [Next] on any software installer.

There are, after all, far worse things to worry about in the world today and if people don't see that then perhaps they aught to get their news form places other than the Reg.

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