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If you installed Windows 10 and like privacy, you checked the defaults, right? Oh dear

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'Cheap' in terms of food, now means selling your privacy too.

I found out tonight Lidl requires your car registration at the till, here in the UK.

I was caught offguard at Lidl, (its always a bit of a rush packing) and asked for my car registration number at the till. Lidl are obviously selling this information to Europarks foremost, but others too no doubt. I didn't like the fact I'm asked to give what is private information in a situation that is very public, either.

Are Lidl actually collecting it to enforce 90 minute limit parking fines though? I don't think so. It doesn't seem as though its needed if Europarks run the carparks, hence it seems like colllecting private 'linked' information under false pretenses.

The Europarks ANPR Cameras are supposed to do that, as the car park is run by them. Why are Lidl acting as so called enforcer, other for financial means, and a cut of the fine revenue. Very easy to get full driver details via the DVLA.

I thought it was bloody cheek, not sure what consent I gave on entering the store, (the store been separate from the parking) but it certainly wasn't explicit. ANPR is bad enough, but that tracks the vehicle, this in effect, is explicitly tracking the customer.

Waitrose thankfully don't do this. Tonight was my last shop at Lidl. It was convenient and cheap, on the way home. Waitrose is slightly further out my way.

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