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Love of my young life

I'm going to "heartily" disagree with various goofballs here. The Mk I late-70s Giugiaro-designed Scirocco was a visual orgasm. It was heartbreakingly beautiful. I felt a little funny "down there" every time I glanced at it in the driveway. It also only weighed 900 kg, and 76 hp drove it with gusto.

You could turn it into a supercar for peanuts. Throw in GTI springs, Bilsteins, and 205-60 Pirelli P7's on 13x6's in place of the stock 175-70 Contis on 13x5's and you had a Ferrari handler. But you could tell the difference between heads and tails when rolling over a dime. Fact.

You can still play the same handling games with the Golf, even though you're battling far too much pork, like any of the current depleted-uranium slugs on wheels. For me it's a Mk IV TDI, and Bilstein PSS-9 adjustable coilovers are the secret sauce. It's quite possible I have the only PSS-9 TDI on the road; certainly in the US.

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