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IPv6 issues anyone?

So.. earlier in July BT mentioned they were starting to test IPv6 on a limited number of their employees...

I wonder if this issue could be related? Maybe they are trying to "silently" roll IPv6 to various exchanges (Though not activating for customers) without anyone noticing ready to gear up for full roll out?

Perhaps somehow IPv4 got switched off somewhere down the line on a few exchanges, and with IPv6 also being off.. well.. no connection..

Considering the distances between the various reported fault locations its unlikely to be physical hardware/cabling failure issues.

Just a theory though..

(Personally, I cannot wait for IPv6.. I will no longer have to mess around with configuring tunnels on my devices to ensure various servers work on IPv6 properly or not.. I just hope they give us a proper ::/64 block.. but I somehow doubt it.)

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