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BT broadband in broad-based brownout and TITSUP incidents


18 months and still not fixed

I first reported my fault with BT broadband on 11/1/2014 and its still not working

every 3 or so months they fix it and i get 40/10 mb , but always on the 11th day after the fix ,

IT BREAKS AGAIN so i have to start the whole thing again

yet onebill can chase me to the point of going insane or cut my line off in the middle of tech non-support trying to fix it

it's gotten to the point i can't even use my own domain servers to run my emails or websites and all my emails to bt have to be done via googlemail

i've even had to email them links to wikis explaining about 505 errors for their own tap3 testing server as they were try to saying that the error on my pc ( until they admitted they had known the server was broken and wouldn't be fixed for 5 weeks)

They are the worse company in the uk if not the planet

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