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Well, I'm in Harlow, essex and my broadband went on Saturday about midday. It returned about 11pm same day and disappeared again on Tueday at 9 am. Tracert took 10.5 seconds to reach Plusnet on a Linux box and wouldn't work at all on a Windows box. Lynx worked after a fashion and using Google's IP address allowed us to connect to various websites very, very slowly. Plusnet were busy warbling about routers and filters, but actually tried to do something when we pointed out that we could connect direct to Lynx and Google yesterday and we pointed out to them that the router was telling us that it was fully connected. Connectivity returned for a few minutes per hour until 11pm last night when normal responses were restored. So far today all is normal, we'll see if it lasts. If only customer service people were kept in the true information loop we'd all be a lot happier.

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