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Blighty tablet sales plunge 31 per cent in saturated market

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Anonymous Coward

I was given an Android tablet when the owner bought a netbook to merge her tablet and laptop functions.

Took it with me on visit to my folks rather than pack a laptop - thinking it would be enough for checking El Reg . In the end I gave up trying to use it in anger. It was just too annoying - and I borrowed my folks' laptop as a browser.

A friend bought me a Kindle Paperwhite for Christmas. The screen works very well in bright sunshine in the garden - but I find that accidental finger movements cause me to lose my place in a book. Have only put one e-book on it so far - as it was a no-brainer choice of £36 in paper - or £2.95 as an e-book. However for most books I have looked at - the e-book is only a few pence cheaper than the paper version. Might as well get the paper one at that price.

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