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Then there are some brain dead things like trying to map out open parking spaces on the side of the road using the sonic parking assist sensors. Just a couple of nits with this...


This struck me as a great idea that is completely realisable today. Most of your objections could be easily overcome by mean of a comprehensive updatable "parking" database, along the same lines as existing satnav databases. My satnav "knows" what the speed limit is for the road I am on despite not being able to read a single road sign. It can also direct me to the closest fuel station or restaurant and warn me about most speed cameras. The data on a satnav that has the proposed "find a park" mode would include parking times, restrictions and costs. I can think of several ways for a system to deduce whether or not you are in the outermost lane. Sure, it could not guarantee that someone else doesn't get to the parking space first, but it would still be far better to have directions to the closest 5 parking spaces than driving around slowly looking for one.

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