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@Lionel Baden, initially people will die from autonomous cars. Just like loads of people died during the early years of flight. But each time lessons are learned, safety devices/procedures/practises installed, and fewer people die next time round. Flying has used this method to make it one of the safest methods of transport.

Taking the attitude that a single death with an autonomous car means that the whole tech should be shutdown immediately is anti-progress. Progress requires death to proceed. Understanding that and realizing that everything has a risk and everything has costs and everything has benefits allows use to proceed to a safe world in the future. Maybe not immediately, but it will be the long term goal.

Corps might think that hiding the odd defect is cheaper but only in monetary terms, not in goodwill. When they do this practice and no one buys their product anymore they pretty much shoot themselves in the foot with this bean counter mentality. So corps quickly learn that it is actually cheaper and better to solve the problems.

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