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"Hopefully the act of changing gear will be as old as feeding horses anyway - the electric motor will kill it off."

Electricity will never kill off feeding horses. Nor will "automatic" transmissions or electric motors. Horses & other manually driven vehicles are here to stay.

"But seriously - when did you last see an automatic gearbox fail?"

A couple months ago. A friend's Lexus transmission fried. Was pretty comical, actually. The guy went off the deep-end, went on and on about how "that's impossible, it's a Lexus!" ... despite the fact that I watched him bottom out on the dips in the road west-bound at the corner of Chase Street and Austin Avenue here in Sonoma. He refused to listen to me when I pointed out the leaking fluid ... and then told the engine control system to stop complaining.

"The possibilities for carnage are *far* higher if you put tired, distracted, fallible, meatsacks in control of a lethal weapon."

Shirley you are discussing fast-so-called-food rather than automobiles in the above sentence?

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