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Hawking, Musk, Woz (and others): Robots will kill us all

Gannon (J.) Dick

Perhaps these are actually human problems.

Ban the weapons, great idea.

Oh, Elon, Steve, Steve, and you too Taluhla, before you leave riddle me this ...

If the sun never sets on the Empire, how is the Emperor to know whether the productivity lapse, unpredicted by the Empire's business model, is due to robots goofing off or slaves sleeping ?

I might also say that that criminal terrorist mastermind Pinocchio has been under arrest since those rude remarks about the Emperor's new clothes.

The puzzled emperor seems a decent sort, not one to regard citizens as slaves.

Could you smart people help him out with a clever theory about robots involuntarily robot-ing in their sleep ?

It is much better than admitting slave owners exist, and sleep well

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