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Damn! See this is why the very idea of locked down/DRMed devices is bad[1][2].

When something critical like this happens many users cannot simply apply a patch to fix it, they are stuck with a device that is exposed and the only way to resolve it is to hope the manufacture releases a patch.

Sure, you could install a custom rom to fix this, but this may not always be available for all android phones, for example, my android phone does not have this option.

Thus, I now need to buy a new phone[3][4] :-/

[1] I know android its self is indeed open source, but many (most?) mobile phone manufactures put various locks in place to prevent easy user modifying of the installed firmware.

[2] I am an open source, anti-drm supporting nut job.

[3] Typical, I just got my phone set up the way I like it.

[4] More money spent.. so much for saving up for that 1967 Shelby Fastback Mustang..

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