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If Microsoft made laptops, it'd make this: HP Spectre x360

Alan Sharkey

I've got one

I bought the top model on the HP scheme - so I didn't pay full price. I got it because the one I had before was just too large to sit on my lap for long periods.

Windows can't really handle the high res screen - I've had to do some interesting jiggery pokery to be able to read the display but still have usable space.

It does get a bit hot underneath when it's on your lap, but if you turn the processor down a bit (advanced power options) that makes it much cooler and I don't really notice any reduced performance. [I only do that if it's on battery]

It worked really well when we went to Iceland - I just watched films all the way over. The battery life is good - I reckon around 7-8 hours of normal use (I've never achieved the 12.5 hours that is claimed).

Yes, I'd like a larger and faster SSD, but overall, it works well and is a vast improvement on my previous 15.6" monster laptop.

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