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Incompetent management always wins

Last time this was tried I started submitting expenses for dry-cleaning the uniform they insisted I wear. Because as a tech, I often needed to crawl around not-so-clean areas as part of my job. They refused to pay. I refused to comply with their dress code. I worked there for several more years before finally leaving over some other petty bullshit by incompetent managers, having learned that the more incompetent they are, the more spineless they are when dealing with the kind of people who actually got jobs done. I'm guessing they're still congratulating themselves on finally getting rid of that pain-in-the-arse tech who refused to obey idiotic orders. Well, those that managed to find jobs again when the company went bankrupt about a couple of years after I left (no, I had absolutely nothing to do with that, but I wasn't surprised).

Haven't won all my battles. Hell, I've probably lost more than I've won overall. But I very much enjoyed winning that one.

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