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Anonymous Coward

One for the Dirty Dirty! HEEEELLLL YEEEEAAH!!!

Yeah um... As one of those Southerner that not only had that and sausage for breakfast, but make it in a few of the available variations, first I'd like to say, "We finally made it to the Post Pub scene! WOOT WOOT!!!

Like it was earlier mentioned, we don't put onions in our gravy. We typically use flour, milk, either bacon or sausage grease, salt and pepper for our gravy. And sometimes we'll make a REAL "Mess" which adds meat or meats eggs(usually scrambled or fried) and fried potatoes(shredded or chopped hashbrowns, or steak fry cut), on top of the buscuit and cover everything in a hefty sum of gravy. It may be why the South lost the Civil War, but it darn sure tastes good!

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