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No, tidy desks are liked by people who like tidy desks.

My desk spends most of its time messy. My colleague has a desk that's (literally) clean and tidy. He's more organized than I am and more obsessive about being tidy. I could argue that I deal with creating documents where the format _really_ matters so I end up with more pieces of paper around. But that'd just be an excuse for me not being tidy, especially since I have a scanner by me on my desk. I could argue that I tend to be juggling multiple tasks, while he tends to be working on one thing. But that'd just be an excuse for me not being organized.

Irony is that I absolutely hate printed matter. Notepads are fine for scribbling ideas, but everything else is just a copy of some information held in electronic form.

I think first thing Monday I'm going to shred some old documents I really don't need any more and organize some piles. Then I can do some organizing of electronic documents and clear out some old stuff. Sorry, brain dump, I'll stop now.

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