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The HP I remember..

...from my uni days was a company making top notch instrumentation products, how are the mighty fallen. The image of the engineers working for them, as portrayed in the tech bulletins, was of smart short sleeved shirt, tie and pressed trousers. I often wondered if this was just for the camera, but the products in the 70's didn't have the software input they have these days, and things were more pure electronics then. Even now a HP 'scope is a very nice bit of kit although both my current scopes are old analogue Tektronix. I have a friends HP laptop dv6 which is endlessly re-booting, seems to be the graphics ic needs reflowing - a common problem due to overheating, though he doesn't use it much. An indication of where hp are, currently? I suppose the British equivalent would be Marconi who made a similar disastrous change in company direction.

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