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rugby shirt, kilt and Cat boots

I, an Englishman from Coventry, once shared a cube with an Irish-Irish American from Montgomery NJ by way spiritually of Kilarney, an Indian from Bangalore and a Chinese American chap from Queens.

I was browsing the interwebs in search of work stuff like CDs and interesting work-related cat videos and came across the then-new Utilikilt. I was dead excited by this provocative fashion statement and mooted the idea of Kilt Friday once a month.

The one guy who refused point-blank to have anything to do with it? The Irish-Irish American.

*Irish-Irish American: One who celebrated his heritage to the point of teaching Irish Step Dancing to co-workers in his lunchbreak desite their protests and who visited The Auld Country once every year even though he hated the cuisine and plumbing. Positively reeked of Guinness and hurley.

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