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Re: JustaCLOT " ... dressing well improves the holistic ambiance of a brain....."

" Wow, did you even read the article? It's talking about customer-facing staff, not everyone..."

You don't happen to be a manager, do you? Because the article is not talking about customer-facing staff but quite explicitly about everyone who *might* on some occasion be visible to a visitor. So developers who are trying to think about difficult things that don't involve interacting with customers, are forced to wear clothes they don't want to, and will therefore be that little bit less able to concentrate. And we lose productivity just in case some customer might be stupid enough not know how developers tend to dress. Some of the best developers I know would quit if you tried that on them, and rightly so.

Years ago I was invited to visit HP by the head of a department there. I was interested in possibly selling a company to them, so on the appointed day I hopped up the coast for a look. The man had forgotten, and was out of town - I was shown round by an embarrassed group of his managers, said a polite thank-you, and left.

I had parked facing outwards, as I usually do so I can see what's there when I leave. When I got back to my car there was a little sign on the windscreen saying "At HP we park facing inwards."

That day, I learned everything I needed to know about HP, and soon after sold my company to one of their competitors (who fell about laughing when I told them this story.) The HP department in question was in due course closed, HP itself has lurched from one managerial disaster to the next, and here's one more buffoon with an MBA, putting one more nail into the coffin.

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