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"When I have to deal with someone in a suit and tie, I find myself instinctively distrusting them on sight."

I work in Texas. The only people in town who wear ties regularly are politicians, lawyers, and TV journalists, none of whom are trustworthy.Oh, and salesmen [need I comment on their trustworthiness?].

Here, ties are a health issue as they contribute to heatstroke. For my dev team, the basic rule is - shirts with a collar [automatically excluding most T-Shirts], trousers or jeans [I wouldn't wear shorts anyway, not without sunscreen, as I'm a Pasty White European], and no visible toes. If Very Self-Important People visit the office, we don't wear jeans [but we do wear trousers].

And we have a 40% bearded rate (66% if you consider only the men).

Bonus Question - How many people in ACs Dev Team?

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