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HP slaps dress code on R&D geeks: Bin that T-shirt, put on this tie

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Ties are an adornment. Strictly speaking most of the clothes we wear are an adornment - often indicating our status or aspirational group.

When I retired I had 150 ties. Some were "business", others were humorous - and others just outrageous colours or patterns. A different one on any day I wore my boring suit for the office. There is nothing less aesthetic (to me) than a suit with a button up shirt and no tie to complete the set. If it was a customer meeting then I would add the cuff links too - unless I knew the customer had some aversions to that formal style.

When the company called me in off a summer break for an emergency - they knew they were going to see me in short shorts and a T-shirt. If I worked at a weekend the office was mostly deserted - and that would be shorts/jeans and a T-shirt too.

It was interesting that some of the youngsters thought they were daringly different - yet never wore anything other than their same jeans and T-shirt. They had apparently only that one very limited wardrobe in which they felt comfortable - which put them at a disadvantage in some situations.

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