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'Snowden risked lives' fearfest story prompts sceptical sneers

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

The powers-that-be seem to have missed a trick here, the usual form is for the 'Suspect' usually attracts the accusation of serious dark sexual misdeeds of the variety guaranteed to raise the hackles of all the Great and the Good out there where he invariably becomes labelled as a ne'er-do-well that deserves the fate worse than death that the 'Authorities' vow will beset him on his capture.

But as the Russians are immune to these slurs and there is no prospect of any 'Honest citizen' out there turning him in, I suppose they would consider it a wasted effort, but giving away all of our State Secrets as well as the Great Satan's secrets too, it is just too awful to contemplate the fate of all the spies busily gathering the enemies secrets, and the plans to the newly installed furnaces under the Polar ice caps.

Without a doubt, Snowden is personally responsible for each and every secrets leak since Philby.

The fact that went to Russia as a last resort to avoid arrest seems to have been lost in translation.

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