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That he was shot 11 times makes nothing of the fact that several of these 'highly trained marksmen' actually missed him at virtually point-blank range.

I don't suppose that is of interest to many people but to me, it indicates one of two scenarios, either they were panicking which was unlikely given the particulars of the situation where they were actually shooting a fish in a barrel but 'somebody' told them that he had a bomb, or the situation unsettled some members of the team as to the legality and/or morality of opening fire on an unarmed suspect and decided that their bullets were not going to weigh on their conscience.

These were supposedly highly trained operatives and panic - even if faced with the possibility of immediate death - would be unlikely, so that leaves the view that at least some members of that team knew that they were doing wrong - at the time.

I know which version I prefer to believe.

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