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A few thoughts about this


My previous CRT woul dhave been obsolete after DSO, but I sold it to a Sky user for £50, not bad for a 10 year old CRT.

This an expensive TV with superb picture quality, flat WS tube with arperure grill, and a rather good digital tuner.

The manufacturer kept it well supported for 5 years, dealing with BBC scrrew ups on service numbers, Ondodgy CAM support £3 PM for 15 channels.

Eventually HD called too hard.

But just after I sold it I found it was not DSO compliant.

Anyway the replacement was trying to be smart, runs Linux, but AFAIK not updated recently, smart was view photos via USB, but no problems there, nice easy menu, resembles the same companies games console at the time, also why I wanted HD.

So for smart features lets look at what is plugged into the TV, a games console with BluRay playback, and LOTS of streaming services, recently joined by its replacemment model.

So the semi smart TV is not updated, but the slightly older box is still updated,


Now Andriod.

Not sure if I would want it on a TV. My TV riuns Linux fine, my PVR runs Linux fine, both have decent enough UIs and no involvement from 3rd parties.

The consoles run forks of BSD, but have lots of support and supported applications, applications running from 50GB games to BBC IPlayer.

So my advice is ignore the TV Smart features and plug in a decent Freeview.HD / Freesat HD PVR

and a well supported games console.

Why games consoles?

PLENTY of support.

Plenty of grunt.

Not likely to get plug pulled as there are 10s of millions out there.

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