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Yeah, I knew Jesus when he was still alive, before the "32 club" - much edgier & more unhinged. Now you get all these fanbois & goils into some post-mortem trip, t-shirts and all that Che Guevera or Bob Fucking Marley hippie gloss to make him mainstream - few know he was more comfortable as a skinhead Oi Boy (sans Doc Martins - insane to wear those kind of boots around the Dead Sea unless you're IDF). And I all but expected when the gospels came out, they were gonna cut his cross-and-fellatio act, instead focusing on the limp "turn the other cheek" stuff - hey, that was just when he was cutting his teeth on the borsch circuit in Judea's version of the Catskills - fat old ladies wearing cocktail dresses 3 sizes too small and he's gotta make 'em think he's the friendly kid next door. The real Jesus could curse like a true sailor on a 3-day shoreleave - even that swine rushing into the pond thing - he thought it was just a mischievous larf, better than tapping mailboxes, and then he gets all these promoters around going "Brilliant, effin' brilliant - now the wild geese". Fucking posers and bloodsuckers.

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