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Bill Hicks: 25 years on from the cult comedian's big break

mr. deadlift


I'd hate to be dustbin in Shaftsbury tonight...

No one, knows what it's like to be a dusssttttbin, in Shaftsbury with hooooliigans.

Bill's time in Blighty infused a lot of his shows with the cultural differences vis-a-vis America, obviously where he grew up/lived.

When he presented those shows on the road - it is hands down the best laff out loud stuff, it's not hate filled, not anger driven.

I've got tears now just recalling his hooligans skit, that's when his comedy was at the best and it's at it's best because it translates brilliantly just well as it did back then, mostly because he thought he had the UK/US relationship boiled down to hooligans and US street gang dichotomy.

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