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China hacks 'everything that doesn't move' says Hilary Clinton

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Bill was President, she was First Lady, Leon Panetta was White House chief-of-staff, and Gary Locke, who has family ties in China, was a Democratic campaign contribution bundler back in the 90's when the Clinton administration arranged the sale of U.S. long range missile guidance technology to China.

The China Connection Is the Real Scandal

Deception - How Clinton Sold Out America To The Chinese Military by Charles R Smith.

My uncle worked for Grumman Aerospace in 1993 working on military airplanes, weapons, and secret stuff that the public was not supposed to know Grumman was building. Once he and his crew were working on a super-uber secret codenamed project in a secure aircraft hanger when a Dem politician walked in, with about a dozen Chinese nationals all wearing diplomatic badges - a wildass violation of security. The Grumman workers got upset, my Uncle got upset - this was a blantant violation of national security. The smiling Dem politician assured everyone that this "tour" had been arranged "at the highest level". Eventually the Chinese left over the uproar, only to return near end-of-shift to resume their tour.

The official word was that it had been approved by POTUS Clinton. It was a huge big deal in the NYC area and was in the news everywhere. The national media, of course, were all sad tools in the Dem's pocket and couldn't give a damn.

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