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At the other end is "they're against us"/"us or them" and beating of war/defense drums.

Typically these are reasonably split Democrat vs Republican.

You need to take a closer look at the Bill Clinton administration. Bill Clinton sent more U.S. troops into more countries than any president since WWII. It was something like, during one time period he sent U.S. troops into a new country every nine weeks for a grand total of 21 countries. There was a real uptick military activity during his impeachment. What made it entertaining is that while WH press briefings always discussed these actions, the press rarely discussed it because painting a Democrat as a war-mongerer breaks viewers expectations and so results in decreased viewership (hint: media psychology is fun and profitable).

There's an old saying, Republicans want a large army and want to send it few places, Democrats want a small army and want to send it every place.

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