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Really? I quite enjoy using WebOS. You're absolutely right about the licence agreements for voice recognition and the like - those can sod off - but the software's come across pretty intuitive to me. Wiggle the remote, point at a thing, done. The settings panel is a wee bit confusing in how it categorises things but in terms of apps I can't recall being frustrated by any of it.

The one issue I did have with my lovely LG telly was the wireless signal when I first got it. Wireless connectivity (we're still planning our network installation at this house) was garbage, and I was really disappointed that I couldn't use the TV properly. In the end I got frustrated and did a manual USB firmware update - BAM, wireless works flawlessly. Alrighty then!

The one other thing I do love about my WebOS TV is that you can grab the SDK for free and write your own apps for it, and apparently (haven't tried it yet) they can be sideloaded a lot easier than most Smart TV kit. Hells yes. Oh, and the ability to shove any HID device into one of the rear USB ports and have it work immediately, though that might be common across smart TVs now. Sure makes using net apps easier.

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