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Wicked WikiLeaks leaks considered harmful: Alert over malware lurking in dumped docs

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Captain Obvious to the rescue!

I'm fairly "Well, duh" about the whole thing. News flash: there's probably malware in the Hacking Team files too. *Everybody's* mail spool would be found to contain malware if it was dumped en masse, even if only in the spam folder, and all the usual warnings about being wary of email attachments don't suddenly stop applying just because you're reading someone else's email rather than your own.

I also think it's entirely proper for Wikileaks to host the files verbatim and unredacted nor altered in any way from their original state. That is precisely its mission - which you may disagree with for moral, political, or philosophical reasons, but that's a separate discussion, and in its own terms, this is definitely the way Wikileaks should be doing what it does, and it should not get into the business of editing or censoring the files it leaks.

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