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Sounds like another scare story. While any encryption can be broken given enough time and sample data, the question really is: is it good enough to get the job done to an adequate level of security ?. For example, network stumbler here reports 20 to 30 ap's within range, most running wpa2, probably many hundreds just on this estate. To crack even one of those would take a very determined and knowledgeable hacker a considerable amount of time and for what gain ?. Streamed Coronation Street doesn't cut it. For any hacker with malicious intent, the balance is always how valuable is the data, or, gain vs effort. For most, other than as an intellectual exercise, it's really not worth the effort.

Only government agencies have the resources to do this and there are probably millions of wifi setups across the uk, so it's a big haystack and they would need good reason to want to do it in the first place. Afaics, they are welcome :-)...


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