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WPA or WPA2?

I've actually read the paper (OK: glazed after a few pages and skimmed the rest) I think I am right in saying that if you believe "This is only about WPA and I use WPA2, so I'm OK", then think again.

Wonder what I'm on about? Then read this:

Basically, you probably have only one option left on your wifi access point (AP) that provides even a modicum of security. It is WPA2 with a pre-shared key or PSK and AES for encryption. The 2 is important and the AES is important. Turn off the rest.

If you can, then segregate device types via VLANs. Drayteks for example can do this without you having to fiddle with a switch. One SSID for your LAN, one for mobes and other loosely trusted stuff and a third for IoT, tellies, X boxen and the like.

Finally, wrap yourself in tin foil 8)

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