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Agreed. And I don't see why they felt the need to own a hardware company in the first place. Why not just contract out a couple models and not have the expense of buying the company ( Nokia ) in the first place? They seem to do reasonable well with the Surface and Surface Pro on this third time around, why not do the same thing for phones?

On the other hand, Windows 10 seems to have corrected much that was wrong with Windows 8 on the desktop PC end of things and maybe the arrest of bad news and comments for the desktop will shine a better light on the tablet and phone arena.

If they do manage to get all formats working with common apps and if they see the light with phones like Canonical did with Ubuntu where the Smartphone is being sold as the sole computer one needs - Smartphone for travel, then dock it to a monitor, keyboard, mouse at home and letting the desktop screen take over from the phone interface, I could see where that might be attractive to many, though it would kill off even more desktop sales. Having all of one's data and stuff on the phone and using it universally with both travel and home desktop environments unified could make all things Windows attractive.

Lastly, updates in the past and orphaned mobes is seen as a big problem, it is. If they get Windows to update indefinitely like they claim they are trying to do, they might be able to win over some frustrated Android users. The inability of Google to get all the Android suppliers and data carrier companies on board with updates is an even bigger problem than MS has had with orphaning their few systems as there was not too large of a user base on any of them. When Samsung and or a carrier orphans a $900 flagship Android two years after it was sent out into the wild, there are quite a few this upsets. If I could buy a flagship Windows 10 mobe and know it will be up-gradable for the foreseeable future, I might be attracted to buying that over an Android device as long as the support and apps are there. I do not pretend to know how the Windows 10 platform runs but another thing MS could look at is to try to win over some disgruntled Android people. If Samsung/HTC/LG, etc have cut off updates to any particular model and if Microsoft found a way to offer a non supported version of Windows 10 to install, sort of like how Cyanogen and other after market ROMS do now, they might be able to suck up some of the recently orphaned hardware users to their side. It would obviously need to be a lot easier to do than what one usually has to go through with Android to install an alternate ROM. They'd need to have an easy root tool and be able to just install it like one would Windows on a PC after wiping the drive. Wow, I am rambling... sorry. All I know is if I could easily put a modern version of Windows phone 10 on an old, orphaned HTC One X, I would be all over that.

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