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I'm waiting for the release of the following New Store Apps

1. Windows 7 Theme Pack (includes Classic XP shell) - $10

2. Tile remover Pack - $10

3. Windows Media Pack (including TV Tuner & DVD add-on) - $15

4. In App Advert Blocker Pack - $25

5. Aero Theme Pack - $10

6. Font Fixer (reduce TIFKAM Fonts to 12pt) - $10

7. Classic Calculator - $5

8. App remover - $20

9. Cloud cleaner - $10

10. Classic Icon Pack - $5

I'm sure there are many more that M$ could create (raise cash from) lets face it it's their code gathering dust somewhere.

Yes I've used this Tech Preview since release day and No - M$ are not listening to insiders they are only taking the path they want - they have ignored the major gripes that don't fit with their way. The builds have been stable for me as long as you use it as is and don't want to :- Use Chrome , Load Nvidia drivers , Run older software, all this has been done on a brand new box, freshly built from new parts - ASUS H81M - Haswell G3240 - 4Gb Ram. (Dual booting with 8.1)

Even MS Flight Simulator X - didn't run properly with out a workaround, which has to be performed every time its started (switch from full screen to windowed mode and back again (Cntrl-Enter)).

Windows 10 began with some potential , but comparing it directly with Windows 8.1u1 , it is no faster at running software , or with benchmarks, it is certainly no better looking. Compared to Windows 8.1u1 (of which I am no great fan) it is clunkier and at best half developed - designed by committee and marketed by money men with no grasp on the real user world.

I await the roll out and the chaos that will follow. Hopefully people will realize that they will only have 30 days to revert back to their previous OS after the upgrade occurs, else it's Cinderella time for your previous OS Key

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